The derivatives market is constantly expanding, and derivatives instruments are becoming ever more complex and regulated. Furthermore, listed companies are now obliged to price derivatives such as stock options.

In this ever-changing world, Momentum Consulting has chosen to provide its clients with a diversified service, relying on its in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, its extensive skillset in computational finance, and its ability to share this savoir-faire and expertise.

« Our proficiency in financial mathematics and computational science, along with
our extensive experience of the financial markets enable us to provide our clients with an integrated set of solutions. »

Momentum Consulting makes available Professional Services allowing its customers to reach an expertise in derivatives at a lower marginal cost than that of an internal service.

Companies will effectively save money by using our service to outsource their financial valuation rather than an internal solution that would require purchasing or developing pricing software, recruiting qualified personnel, continuous training, and technological watch…