Since 2011, Momentum Consulting has been a member of the APVIF (Association Professionnelle des Valorisateurs d’Instruments), the French association of financial instrument valuation providers.
The APVIF groups together financial instrument valuation providers with an aim to:

  • define and spread industry standards and good practices linked to the different financial valuation jobs and methods;
  • provide information about these jobs and promote them;
  • participate in various work groups with regulators and accounting professionals;
  • ensure the representation of financial instrument valuation providers at the FFEE (Fédération Française des Experts en Evaluation – French Federation of Valuation Experts).

In the current climate, it is essential that the financial instrument valuation providers stress the fact that objective and transparent valuation of financial assets, and more particularly derivatives, is crucial to a sustainable market development.
By becoming part of the APVIF (, Momentum Consulting is actively participating in re-establishing trust in the sector through a better understanding of derivatives  and a deeper communication with regulatory bodies.


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